Welcome at Belgrade Bike Central

For any  info or to book a bike tour write to belgradebikecentral@gmail.com or call/send a message (Viber&WhatsApp) at +381616269297

For bike rental come at Kraljevica Marka 6.

NGO Belgrade Bike Central is an initiative gathered around the idea that cycling is the only way to go in urban environment. These tours are part of our funding for various projects centered around cycling, ecological transportation, promotion of natural resources and education. Thus, when you participate on a tour, you actually participate in something bigger than that. One of our main goals is to develop major cycling routes through Serbia, like Eurovelo 6, by promotion and education, so if you decide to make that great European adventure, get in contact with us to get useful information on routes, accommodation and tips.

Our team is made of Belgraders proud of their city and what it has to offer. We come from different backgrounds, like archaeology, art history, architecture, tourism, design, advertising…so you can expect a broad choice of things to talk about. This project also gives an opportunity for young people to earn some money by doing something they really like, which has a positive effect all over. Tours are made with idea of Belgrade way of living “take it easy, stop for a coffee” style, so when you finish a tour, you are actually not tired but full of impressions. Because we also take tourism seriously, most of our guides are licensed tour guides and everyone has undergone a comprehensive training on guiding cycling tours. So, yours is only to join and enjoy.